Pomme D'Amour Envelope Plate

  1. Hi ladies :smile:

    I heard this has been discontinued. Any way I can still find one somewhere somehow?

  2. Probably eBay or a consignment store! I love the pomme envelope soooo much!
  3. :yes:
  4. some store may still have it in the framboise or pearle as that wasn't as popular but I don't think you'll find pomme in the stores
  5. Try calling 866 vuitton, if there are any left, they'll find one.
  6. i don't know, but if anyone finds a white one, keep me informed!
  7. did you call the 866 number?
  8. I called 866 last week twice and both times, she said they were completely sold out. I think there was one store that had it in their inventory but it was some kind of system discrepancy. If anyone hears differently, please do let us all know. I'd take any color available!
  9. thanks ladies. i saw it on eBay twice but didn't bid it..i thought maybe my friend could help me get it in US stores :shrugs:
  10. the price on EBAY is crazy!!
  11. What did it retail for in the stores?
  12. the coeur was 375$, i think the envelope was just less.
  13. The envelope pouch was $400 (I think) and I'm also looking for one, though I won't hold out much hope for a new one unless I'm willing to pay way over retail. I think the best bet is to just wait to see if they'll hit the secondhand market. All the pomme ones are sold out per 866, occasionally one will pop up on ebay for around $600.
  14. I thought the heart was us$375 and the plate $375?? I know here in Aus the heart was AUS$500 and the plate was AUS$555 :yes:
  15. Boy, I wish you luck with this one! I think you have to wait for the furor to die down over this & just wait for it to hit the secondary market.