Pomme d'Amour bags?

The bags are a more bluish-red vernis, and the styles are reade pm (square tote with shorter straps), brentwood (more square tote bag), houston (rectanglar tote bag), roxbury drive (rectangular tote to hand carry), bedford (papillon), and lexington (pouchette). Small leather goods and the special stuff are also listed on the sheet I posted.
I saw the Reade PM last night! The color was gorgeous...so much prettier than the old red. My SA they'd be released on Jan 1 :yahoo:I think I'll just be getting some accessories because I don't need anymore Vernis bags.
Too bad I already have a red bag. I actually really like my red (the middle one with the shimmer). Anyway I'll probably do the same thing as Lulu and get an accessory or something. Unless they come out with a really different style, I have all the vernis bags I need lol.