Pomme d'Amour bags?

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  1. They are just the usual vernis models that will be offered in the new colour;)
  2. Probably red color, I assume?

    Or light green?
  3. I think so too.
  4. The bags are a more bluish-red vernis, and the styles are reade pm (square tote with shorter straps), brentwood (more square tote bag), houston (rectanglar tote bag), roxbury drive (rectangular tote to hand carry), bedford (papillon), and lexington (pouchette). Small leather goods and the special stuff are also listed on the sheet I posted.
  5. How cute I never noticed the name before! "Apple of Love" How sweet... LOL Probably in reference to the new red vernis color. Still want that heart shaped one!
  6. My sa told me it's a deep BLOOD red color!
    I think it's very nice!
  7. i can't wait for the new color to come out!
  8. I saw the Reade PM last night! The color was gorgeous...so much prettier than the old red. My SA they'd be released on Jan 1 :yahoo:I think I'll just be getting some accessories because I don't need anymore Vernis bags.
  9. I saw the new red color at LV today. OMG, it is TDF! I have to get something with that color.
  10. Too bad I already have a red bag. I actually really like my red (the middle one with the shimmer). Anyway I'll probably do the same thing as Lulu and get an accessory or something. Unless they come out with a really different style, I have all the vernis bags I need lol.
  11. My store has all the bags in the new colour too ready for the launch next week BUT my question is when will they release the new accessories???
  12. I can't wait to see it! :yahoo: I really want the envelope plate :heart:
  13. how cute! cant wait to see them irl!
  14. RED Roxbury drive :wtf: ur 100% sure?