Pomme D'amour Agenda PM or Mini Pochette DA??

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Which Should I get?

  1. Mini Pochette DA

  2. Agenda PM in Pomme D'amour

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Should I get a Pomme D'amour Agenda PM or Mini Pochette DA?

    Please help me decide!

    I already have the agenda pm in mono and de.

    I already have the mini pochette in mono and de.

    The only other DA pieces I have are the zippy compact wallet and the Totally PM.

    I have no vernis items -- this will be the first vernis piece if I get it.

    Which should I add to my collection?

    Thanks lovelies! :hbeat:
  2. Anything in pomme all day long
  3. Mini Pochette!! So cute
  4. Will there be color transfer if I place the agenda on top of magazines/papers ect..?
  5. Yes, as with any vernis item. But you already have two mini pochettes and nothing vernis. It's much more durable than people think, but definitely read the care booklet that comes with it and the other threads regarding transfer. However, I don't see why you'd need to keep it on top of mags or papers... Just keep it in a pocket or a different compartment :smile: good luck!
  6. Yeah you are right :smile: I am a freak about this stuff -- I wipe down chairs and tables before I place my LV bags/items down lol >.<
  7. agenda pm in pomme which is a beautiful color and i think everybody should own something in vernis pomme...besides u already have 2 mini pochettes
  8. I'm like this for the first few months lol and then suddenly I'm just okay with using them without babying them :smile: I have a pomme key holder and cosmetic pouch that I use daily and they look fab. And it's just the most gorgeous pop of colour IMO :love::loveeyes:
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    I just did it!!!

    Preloved Agenda PM in Monogram Vernis Pomme D'amour Made in Spain from 2007 for $199.00!!

    Isn't she lovely???

    Counting the days to her arrival!!!

    My first Vernis item! I own only canvas prior to this little one! :love:

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  10. Yes she is :P