pomme d'amore... help me decide!


pomme d'amore - what should i get?

  1. a wallet (probably the french purse)

  2. a lexington

  3. a cles

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  1. i've been obsessing over the new red but i can't decide what i want to get! i'm also trying to wait until next month so i guess this indecisiveness is better for me. haha.

    ok so i've narrowed it down to a wallet (probably the french purse) or a lexington. or should i just get a cles now and get the red fix over with and get another bag later?

    what should i get???? what would you get????
  2. Cles is so cute! The Lexington doesn't hold much. My mom borrowed her friends for a wedding and she was complaining about how her wallet didn't fit in it. lol. It holds less than a regular mono pochette.
  3. Yeah the Lexington isn't very big at all. I have one in fuchsia and it's pretty tiny. Anyway I like the wallet idea..either a wallet or a cles.
  4. I love lexington but if you want something red with you all the time, I think you should get wallet.
  5. i'd say a wallet!! <<i am getting one :p
    but i would vote for a pochette wallet or zippy instead of french.. thats my personal preferation.. they all look gorgeos though!
  6. I say Cles!! To me, the Lexy is too small and I don't use wallets.
  7. i love the French Purse, and it looks so nice in the new color
  8. any reason why you like other wallets over the french purse? deciding on a wallet is hard too (i don't own any LV wallets, thus not familiar with the pros and cons of each wallets.) but i like the size of the french purse the best.
  9. I say french purse! That's what I want! :biggrin:
  10. lexington! it'd be stunning for sundress :smile:
  11. cles! small, cute and functional! for a wallet, i prefer the mono!
  12. I voted for the lexington...it'd make a gorgeous evening bag!
  13. I voted for french purse!
  14. lexing ton or wallet....or maybe all 3 :graucho:
  15. The French Purse in Pomme d'Amour would be so gorgeous!