Pomme d' Amour Ludlow...What do you think??

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  1. i wanna get something in the pomme d amour....idk know what though...i dont wanna spend a lot of money...i dont want another cles...the ludlow looked cute in someone elses post today. does anyone have it in the vernis ludlow (the one i saw was mono) how do you feel about it (vernis really scares me as far as scratches and such which is why i stay away but geez i LOVE this color and was thinking about maybe getting a ludlow anyways)

    what do you guys think??
  2. I have the 4 key holder - It's absolutely gorgeous. This is the first time I broke down for vernis - It's so Pretty!!!!!! I like the ludlow - if you can use a small wallet for your smaller purses, it would be darling.
  3. LoVe iT LoVe iT LoVe iT. I am trying to buy one.
    Someone showed the pic of it in the Pomme d' Amour club.
  4. I say get it!! The color is stunning!! I get compliments on mine everytime I've taken it out in front of people!! It's just awesome, big pieces or small!
  5. I just got one, it's so cute and yummy! I haven't used it yet since I'm using my mono ludlow now.
  6. you will never regret getting anything from the pomme so just get it!
  7. I'm going to get this, too. The color's lovely and it's just right if your don't carry a lot of things in your wallet.
  8. I love the ludlow, and the color is TDF!
  9. Get it! Or regret it when the price goes up. Cause it's really a cute little wallet that holds cc and id plus some money. Great for small purses, clothes pocket, and just an extra small practical wallet!
  10. I've been eyeing this too as my first piece of Vernis. It's yummy!
  11. I have one in indigo. it fits my 4 cards and a bit of cash, not too many bills. easy to care for dark color vernis.
  12. i love it, and i really want one!
  13. It's a great little wallet, the only negative is that it doesn't have slots for bills...so you must fold them up. The Pomme Ludlow is TDF! I get a lot of compliments on mine.
  14. ^awww yours is gorgeous! thanks for the pic!
  15. btw...I think I will get this for my 1000th posting:yahoo: