Pomme d' Amour Heart Purse.

  1. Having been on the wait list for this purse for a few weeks Ive just spoken to my SA who confirmed they now have them in ready for release on 1st Feb.

    My store only has 3 and so despite being told on saturday that I was top of the list I have just had to give them my card number (despite having spent over $10,000 over the past few weeks):cursing:

    Any one on the lists might want to give their SA a call.
  2. $10,000 past few weeks (seriously???)!!! --totally none of my business, don't answer...ouch. Congrats on your vernis heart :heart:
  3. Standard procedure for something so hot, Michelle and I had to give our CCs too.

  4. Yep! And I got the only MC one at VF! :yahoo:
  5. Did anyone see this IRL, yet? I have and it's pretty big. Bigger than what I saw from the pictures.
  6. that's normal procedure no matter how much or how little we spend our money in the store..
  7. What???!!! I'm on that waitlist,,, okay, you first... I hope you love it, cause I'm waiting grrrlll... I'm getting the MC one...too! Congrats on yours, will be fab inside your sophia...;)
  8. YAY!!! that's good to know. I'm so excited to get mine!!!:yahoo: (when it comes)...
  9. I did not give my cc# when I was waiting to see the Azur Noe, which I did not buy, but I did for the valentine's LE porte cles. The limited edition aspect was the decisive factor, in fact my SA said that in order to be on a list for a limited edition piece, the cc# was necessary. It guarantees your place.
  10. should I call my SA and give them my CC # for the pomme flat pouch?
  11. Hey Michelle, can you fit ccs in either the vernis or the MC one? TIA!
  12. Oh, I am dying to know this, too. Can't wait to hear from someone who's actually got her hands on one!!!
  13. is it "that" limited?
  14. I guess as you guys have been asked for cc details before its standard, I was just taken a bit by suprise as this has never happened to me before and I have quite a few LTD edition pieces.

    I got called into the store on saturday to look at a bag Id waitlisted in the azur and did not have to give details then so guess this is why I was suprised.

    My only concern is that others may not ring and check and might lose out on this little gem.
  15. my SA has this with my name on it, as well as the MC and the raspberry key chain. I don't know if I like this one though. The MC looks more like a heart to me. My SA said that they only got one MC and two of each color in the vernis. I don't know if they are getting anymore though...