Pomme d' Amour Agenda on Elux now!

  1. It had been gone for a little while. Grab it now if you want one (the small ring binder)!

    Click under "colors" to link to the Pomme (it does not show up as a choice below the picture).
  2. I wish they would update their pic' and add them in that color.
  3. Go get it girls! It's amazing!
  4. Gone-zo...Oh well. Hope some lucky PFers got them.
  5. wow that was fast!! I really just want the cles to be honest haha
  6. ^ thats' fast!
  7. I can't find it... what's the link?
  8. Check again if you want it,I had it in my cart but tossed it out.:yes:
  9. i just got one...it's being heat stamped right now...should have it on Friday
  10. ^^^ Yeah, congrats! Love the Pomme!
  11. ^^ CONGRATS! :yahoo: the bedford is up too, if anyone's looking for that!
  12. Congrats! Okay please forgive my ignorance everyone, but what does heat stamped mean?:shame:
  13. Lovely.
  14. So pretty, I wish they had the mini available, too!