Pomme crazy! (My new Ludlow)

  1. Thanks to all who helped me decide :nuts::nuts::nuts: and now...


    The lighting in this room's making the Pomme color look funky. It's really a deep red but the second pic looks like the old red :p. Anyway, I'm thrilled!!! It looks fabulous inside the Damier's interior. I hope I don't scratch it up. I was going to get a Damier Ludlow but when my SA brought this out, I KNEW THIS WAS THE ONE!
  2. I always want one ludlow wallet...You took really great photos, congrats!
    (What kind of digital camera did u use?)
  3. I love how it looks with the damier!
  4. cool, glad you went with the ludlow, very nice!
  5. Stunning!
  6. Gorgeous, congratS!!!! You took great pics..love seeing great pics..
  7. love it!!! maybe i should get one too..
  8. Congrats on your purchase....it's gorgeous!!
  9. thank you! and thanks to my trusty canon, this cam rocks too :smile:
    one more...
  10. sorry off topic...but what model is it? I am looking for a new one, thanks.
  11. Love it!!!! Gorgeous choice, I just love the new pomme d'amour, its such a beautiful color! It just pops with that damier too!
  12. beautiful!!!congrats!
  13. No prob. PM sent.
  14. ooh, its SO pretty!
  15. Stunning color! Great!