Pomme Color - how long is it around for?

  1. I want to buy a small agenda in this color but are wondering how long Pomme is supposed to be around?
  2. it's seasonal, maybe about 5 more months?? thats what my SA told me
  3. Yeah it should be around until at least the end of the year.
  4. Is the Pomme a pink color or is it a deep red?
  5. a deep red
  6. Didnt the pomme d amour just come out recently? I thought its the Valentines edition or something. Go get it. Its a cute color :smile: I am still loving my pomme Roxburry.
  7. POmme is scheduled to be around 6 months it may get extended but the safest bet is to get it within 6 months
  8. 6 months! :crybaby:
  9. But hey, amarante is just around the corner :drool:
  10. any idea when they're launching the amarante?

    what about mandarin? anybody know if they're bringing this color back?
  11. I am sorry, but what kind of color is amarante?
  12. Don't think mandarin will be coming back and amarante is due out October I think
  13. amarante is a deep black cherry colour, people have said it resembles Vamp nail polish by Chanel
  14. Direct from a source who has seen it, it's a dark purple-y/mauve. :yes:
  15. :nuts: