pomme coeur in canada?

  1. does anyone know the release day of the hearts in canada because i wanna get one.. today i went to yorkdale to check it out but they said they don't have it yet... and in fact they're not even sure if they're going to get ANY... so now i'm worried.. maybe i'll call the boutique at bloor tomorrow to see if they have any. anyone with any news?
  2. They aren't supposed to be released until February, but many U.S. stores are already selling out. I would suggest calling and putting a 48 hour hold on one if they have any!
  3. oh god.. no wonder... and i thought it's already released in canada... eeek... now i'll have to call to try to get hold of one...
  4. Amber, what do you mean that the U.S. stores are already selling out? :wtf: Are there ones that are actually selling them right now? Everyone I asked said we have to wait till next month.
  5. i called in today and the SA told me that it's pushed back to maybe the end of feb in canada... sigh* and i got myself waitlisted..
  6. weird, I remember seeing a Canadian TPFer say she got her hearts already.
  7. Bloor St. in Toronto got 2 pomme hearts on Friday. They are gone. As if Saturday afternoon, they had 1 silver one on display in the bag display area just inside the front door. I assume that one was available for sale.
    I was offered 1 of the 2 pomme hearts and turned it down in favor of the gold. Now I'm regretting it. They said that they are hoping to get more with the shipment of the rest of the vernis hearts, but no guarantee. They are 'extremely limited' to use their words.