pomme cles on damier ebene speedy?

  1. does anybody have a pomme cles on their damier ebene speedy 30? im considering getting a cles for my speedy and i would like to see what it looks like!
  2. I don't have either but I've seen it displayed in store like that before and it looks stunning.
  3. I'd like to see them, too, if anyone has them. I bet it looks great!

    There is a TPFer with a pomme cles or heart (can't remember which) on an azur Speedy, and it looks beautiful.
  4. Sorry no pics but I've seen it IRL and it looks amazing.
  5. Not damier but dark to give you an idea..


  6. I'm sure it will be beautiful!
  7. found one .. not my bag another members.
  8. [​IMG]here is one with a pomme heart...
  9. YES... I have both and they're gorgeous together-- a couple of pics:

  10. This combo was posted but here's my addition...the Pomme heart on my Speedy 30:
  11. Wow! Looks great! I love the pictures!!!
  12. thanks!!

    i just bought the pomme cles about 30 min ago over the phone and im going to pick it up at the LV store later this week :smile:

    i cant wait to put it on my speedy!! :yahoo:
  13. Congrats on your purchase, I love Pomme.
  14. thanks!
  15. Congrats on getting your pretty pomme cles! :tup: