Pomme Cles --- need your help!

  1. I purchased the Pomme Cles couple of weeks ago. It's such a gorgeous piece. However, I used it for the first time this weekend and boy, I could only fit four cards and literally have to roll a few times, couple of dollar bills to get it in the darn thing. Then the zipper couldn't even zip. :push:

    I was frustrated because I love the cles the moment I laid my eyes on it and now I think I have to return it. :sad:

    Does anyone else have this problem? Does the Vernis eventually stretch? I really want to get something in Pomme before the color is gone. What would you ladies do? I'm also in the market for a Zippy Wallet. So should I trade in the cles for the Mono Zippy or Pomme Zippy?

    Sorry for the rant...I'm always indecisive.
  2. I am planning to get this pomme cles too.. I love the colour to bits...now what you had said had made me ponder... I don't intend to put too many things inside..
  3. i think it might stretch out..but 4 cards (assuming plastic) is kind of a lot. I could comfortably fit two in mine plus some bills and coins.

    if you decide it's not for you, I would go with a pomme zippy.
  4. i think it stretches a little, but if you are expecting to hold that much in it, you should trade it in for a wallet.
  5. That's it, I do my license, 1 CC, Atm card and maybe a twenty. That's the price of the beautiful vernis.
  6. I'd get the pomme zippy. :smile:
  7. I have a pomme cles but it is basically for looks more than anything else.
  8. Me too. I use it more as a keychain sometimes or just as an accessory to hang off my bag.
  9. i love my pomme cles! it's the only thing i carry now..no wallet! i keep like 4-5 cards and maybe 2-3 bills with no problem. But I normally wont put bills in bc they sometimes get stuck in the zipper.
  10. I don't put bills in either because I'm afraid it would get stuck in the zipper. I use it just for coins.
  11. i use mine every day, i generally keep about 5 cards in it, with the chain thing hanging out. It is really tight if i try to put the chain in. I knew the vernis cles was tight when i brought it, but it was sooo pretty and i only use it for cards.
  12. I also have the Pomme Cles, but like some of the other ladies, I only use it as a bag charm. I also have the flat pouch below (which I haven't used) but it does fit more than the cles. But what I use most is my Pomme Pochette Wallet - has plenty of card slots and roomy compartments.

  13. The vernis doesn't hold as much as the canvas cles does. I usually put my DL and a CC plus a little bit of cash, but that is all. You can get more in the mono and damier ones because they are made differently.
  14. Thanks for all your feedbacks. Still don't know if I want to return it yet. My goal for getting the cles is because of the Pomme color and plus to use it for bills, cards, loose change when I use my pochette (I like to be organized). Perhaps I should get a cles in another line or a Cozy Wallet for my pochette and then the Zippy for my big bags.
  15. Yep, I have the same issue. Sure doesnt hold as much as my mono cles. But I love it! I just keep my divers /lic in there along with my debit card, and maybe 20$ (if i'm lucky)
    It works perfect for when i'm just running the kids to school, i dont need my entire wallet or handbag. I just keep everything else in my main wallet, if i'm going shopping generally i'm taking my handbag so my wallet as anything else i might need.