pomme cles has arrived! **pics**

  1. wow. elux sure ships fast...

    here she is! (no teases in this one!)


    i realize gold and silver clash, but this is the bag i had at the moment!
    (and look. i figured out how to open it!)


    everyone was right, the pics do NOT do justice to the color IRL!
    heres a mild reference!
    vernis babies!


    the updated rest of the gang!

  2. Congrats! :biggrin:
  3. So cute! Congrats!
  4. pretty!
  5. Woo Hoo!! Nice Pics!! PURRRRTY!!! :nuts:
    Congrats and Enjoy!!!!!!!!! Lovin' the color!!!!!!!!! :yes:

  6. P.S. I don't think silver and red clash...silver goes with practically anything! I'm taking my silver pochette and pomme cles to Valentine's dinner tomorrow! :biggrin:
  7. it is so beautiful~
  8. Congrats!!! And a nice family pic too.:love:
  9. cute!! i wish it was still light out!! it is pitch black here :sad: CONGRATS on the cles and the good grades :smile: I love your collection!! i am almost to "Bridgette Status"!! LOL!! love your collection as always!!
  10. Congrats, Bvbirdygirl!
    Love the Cles and the adorable family portrait!
  11. She's a beauty!
  12. Congratz
  13. Congrats, she's such a pretty girl!
  14. i know, you cant see it, but there is some silver hardware on the coach bag that looks dreadful nexy to the gold on the cles! bleah!
    but luckily, the red is so beautifully loud that only someone as picky as I would notice!
  15. I need to get to "Bridgette Status"!!! I am almost there!! (work harder Zoe!)........So, whats next in your future?? A speedy perhaps? Or something different?