pomme cles- BUSTED

  1. To the tune of "red roof, RUSTED" from that song... lol.

    anyway i don't tell anyone in my office when i get something new. i don't want to hear it about my lv habit. lol. so i started using my pomme multicles and have been sort of hiding it on my desk.

    my coworker walked by tonight and said "oh, when did you get that?"


    i hemmed and hawed about how i got it for myself for valentine's day etc etc. lol
  2. ooh I thought it was broken from the title.
  3. lol, no, but it is pretty dented after a week where my keys go :sad:
  4. LOL that's what I thought too! I thought I was going to read a tragic story of how it burst or something.
  5. tin roof, rusted? love shack? lol!
  6. LOL.......I can never hide my purchases from the gals at school :smile:
  7. me too!!! haha :yes:
  8. same lol
  9. aw i'm sorry guys. the good news is: it's perfectly fine! lol

    yes!!! love shack!
  10. So glad its okay though!
  11. I love my Framboise Multicles. The Pomme is so gorgeous I almost got another one. Just looking at mine, no dents but couple of dirtmarks!
  12. the dents are inside near the keys. guess i'm rough with them. ah well, at least you can't see it.
  13. Now i have love shack stuck in my head!!!!!!!!
  14. I love the B-52's!, love shack :heart:
  15. Aww..congrats! I'm still waiting for mine. Grr.