Pomme agenda or the new purple vernis

  1. I need an agenda and have been debating what and which to get. i really like the pomme color but at the same time some one said LV is having a deep purple-burgandy vernis color this fall.

    now shall i wait or get the pomme??
  2. Wait... pomme is here to stay.
  3. do you mean the new amarante color? i believe pomme is going to be around for a while so i'm sure you can wait and see and choose between the 2.
  4. wait!
  5. My concern with darker colored vernis is with fingerprints and smudges -- I can already see them on my pomme items, they will definitely show up on darker colors.
  6. pomme!
  7. Wait so you can choose between the two. I'm going to do that.
  8. I'd wait! I imagine it to be beautiful...and the agenda would be tdf!
  9. pomme!
  10. I almost waited but went ahead and got Pomme, I figured I think I will like Pomme more since the other is reported to be almost black, and if I end up really liking it I can get something else in it! Pomme will only be here till approx aug.
  11. I would wait.
  12. i would choose the pomme!
  13. I would wait as the amarante is supposed to be beautiful. Who am I kidding, I would buy the pomme now, an something amarante later!
  14. I love pomme but I would still wait to see the purple before you decide.
  15. get the BEAUTIFUL Pomme NOW while you can! Then maybe you can get something else in the new color!