Pomengranate is really good for you, so I ordered one.

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  1. I have an extreme love with the Minilisa and I really wanted a Pom, everytime I would buy one I would be very happy with it but still had to have this lovely. So here she is along with her happy sisters. Nothing fancy I hope you enjoy.

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  2. I love Pom! Gorgeous color - congrats!
  3. Thank you BagLuver, I love the color.
  4. Love your title for this thread! What a vibrant color, and she looks lovely hanging out with her sisters :biggrin:

  5. i love bag sisters pic :drool:
  6. :tup:

    Love your pics! Congrats!
  7. Thank you Joan and MsP sisters are just the best aren't they? LOL
  8. Thanks Voo!
  9. Very nice!
  10. I love it...looks to be a great red!! And i love your minilisa sisters!!
  11. ^^Thanks Oboogie

    ^Deb it is a beautiful red and the pic came out really close to IRL the other sister is Garnet and much darker. I love them all. Thanks!!
  12. She's very pretty and so are her "sisters"!!
  13. Thank you Kimmi!!
  14. Pom is a rockin color! How are you enjoying your Minilisas? It's such a cool bag; I wish they'd make it in some other leathers--I think it would sell like crazy.
  15. I luuurrve them Tejas, I agree with you I would love to see one in Tumbleweed or Plush. Hey Tano are you reading??:biggrin:
    Thank you!!