Pomellato! Share and show!

  1. Hi Ladies! I thought I'd start a Pomellato thread so we can go straight to the goods, without finding it buried in other threads. ("Single stone rings" is one such thread.) Please post your pics and share with us the do's and don'ts, the good and bad of your Pomellato purchases. Also, where you buy, in Europe or USA or Asia.
    I'll start. I have one Nudo ring in Lemon Quartz. (Can't post pix b/c haven't figured it out!) I plan to buy a second Nudo ring in Amethyst and a Victoria gold necklace, but don't know which one yet.
    After I plunged into Pomellato -- there was nothing that satisfied me. It is truly the "uber" cool and fab brand. Tiffany's just doesn't do it for me anymore. :supacool:
  2. I have been in love with Pomellato ever since I first dicovered them in French Vogue. I now live in London where the brand is not available, so I have to contact Italy LOL.
  3. Grandefille -- you are so lucky to live in London! I adore London. Why not hop on the Eurostar to Paris and visit their Pomellato shop on Rue Faubourg St. Honore? LOL. That's what I would do. Anyway, I live in Mexico and you can be sure there's no Pomellato here. I must save my purchasing for when I travel. It takes me awhile to save up for a piece, of course. But well worth it. Definitely investment jewelry. SERIOUS stuff. Power stuff!
  4. I'm sure there's a Pomellato in Harrods:yes:
  5. I have 2 Nudo rings and would like a third, but I have to go to the store and try it on, b/c I don't know if it's comfortable to wear 3.....I would also like a Baby, probably with the red stone (can't remember the name) I adore Pomellato!!!
  6. ^ Those are gorgeous!!
  7. Duna, thanks for posting your fab foto on this thread. Now I don't have to go searching for it on Single Stone Rings, whenever I want to see it! LOL
    Do let us know what you think about three rings...I'll be curious to hear. I've seen three rings on the SA on Madison Ave. in New York. But she is young, pretty, chic -- and everything looks good on her. Be sure to wear it for a good half hour -- because anything can feel good for 2 minutes; you want to see if it feels clunky or too much after a half hour of wear.
  8. LOL! I don't suppose they'll let me wear it for half an hour, but I'll definately let you know how it goes!....I've seen several people wearing three, so it should be OK....
  9. I love my "Baby" in rose quartz with brown diamonds all around the band. I get a lot of compliments from it. I really like how the pink quartz look almost transparent on my skin tone. Also, this particular pink quartz is not as "milky looking" as others ... it's more transparent looking. I'd love to have another "Baby."

    Pomellato_LaVan1.jpg Pomellato_LaVan2.jpg Pomellato_LaVan3.jpg
  10. ^^WoW! That is really gorgeous; beautiful colours...
  11. La Vanguardia -- gorgeous ring! Do the diamonds scratch, or get dirty? Do you clean with a toothbrush? REALLY lovely ring!
  12. I guess there aren't very many of us Pomellato lovers out there...well, I think it is sooo exclusive, that most people haven't explored it. Also, the price point... I will keep you informed about my second Nudo ring, and my Victoria gold links necklace.
  13. i love pomellato. i want a ring but i can never decide which one to get, i'm always changing my mind...
  14. Do they make earrings as well as rings? Is there a website I can look at and will let me know just how bad the 'price point' is?! :sweatdrop:
  15. http://www.pomellato.it/index_content_scroll.html
    (NOTE: Some patience is required due to the site being *flash*) :smile:

    They have some lovely, simple and elegant pieces in the collection.