Pomellato jewelry

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  1. I just had to make a thread about Pomellato jewelry... It's so yummy:nuts:
    It's an Italian jewelry brand since 1967 and the jewelry is manufactured in Milan. As far as I know, only http://www.vivre.com and http://www.elementschicago.com are selling Pomellato.
    It's always so colourful and the design is simple, yet soo pretty and collectible:love: ...typical Italian design ( think Marni and Missoni but in jewelry).
    Only one tiny detail: it's kind of expensive :sad: Here's a link:http://www.pomellato.it, btw I'm getting the turquoise capri earrings for christmas, these will be my first pieces:yahoo:

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  2. Here a few more... What do you guys think?

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  3. et encore...

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  4. Mmmm, I like! I was intrigued by the Paloma Picasso sugar stack rings at Tiffany, but I like these even better! :roflmfao:

    Congrats on getting your earrings, btw.
  5. I absolutely love those rings.:love: They will be on my wish list this year.:yes:
  6. Thanks!! I'm in love with them! I want those rings too :graucho:
    Here are a few bad pics I took with my phone (really bad, they're so beautiful in real life!)

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  7. Pomellato is lovely and I know it very well! :smile:
    They have also another lovely line called DODO, each small gold animal has a meaning so you can use them like a message-gift. It's lovely!
  8. I think these models are called LE LUCCIOLE. I think any italian website sold them legit.
  9. I :heart: the Dodo line! I guess Pomellato is only really known in Europe as you're from Italy :P I'm so obsessed with it right now, I'm always like this :drool: when I'm passing the store!
  10. Love it!!! I own two Nudo Rings (amethyst and blue topaz) and I want to add the green one to my collection!!!!
  11. ispot, your earrings are just gorgeous! :yes:

    Bigbagfan, do you mind posting some pics of your nudo rings? Those are my fave :love:, and I think I will be getting one soon!! I like pink tourmaline, but my bf likes the look of aquamarine and blue topaz...
  12. etagaya, thank you!

    BigBagFan, so funny I was thinking about getting first the blue topaz, then amethyst, then green (lemon quartz?)and finally pink tourmaline :biggrin: Can you please post a picture (I'd like to :drool: ):heart:
  13. :nuts: OMG...I like these better, too!!! :love:
  14. I want one of these!!! Are they more expensive than the T&C Sugar Stacks?

    I love these, too!!! But I prefer no diamonds!
  15. The nudo rings are +/- €1300, but maybe you can get a % off...