pomegranate sophia!


Jan 14, 2007
i just got the BRAND SPANKIN' NEW sophia i won on ebay...and it's my birthday! perfect timing! it was 299 and worth every penny--now that i have it in my hands, i think it could've gone for more.

it doesn't have its tags, but it very clearly has never been out of its dust bag! it still had the original tissue in the front pockets. it's absolutely, hands-down THE BEST shade of red i've ever seen. gorgeous. it's a great pop of color while kind of being neutral at the same time, if that makes sense.

and while i still have a few months left of carting around diapers and probably years of sippy cups, it fits a diaper and some wipes just fine! no room for a sippy, but that's fine...

here's the pic from the listing-
i :heart::heart::heart::heart: it!