pom,toy poodle, yorkie help help

  1. i can only have one what should i get i want a pom but i hear they are not very nice my husband wants a yorkie and some people say toy poodles are nice so one of the 3 and only one of these dogs im scared of the poodle cause of the grooming what im looking for

    a friendly dog who will love to be held all the time so im looking for my forever baby who will always want to be with me and sleep in my bed and and all of that
  2. I just got a pom puppy and he's incredibly sweet and would LOVE it if I held him all the time and let him sleep with me. He always wants to be with me and cries when I leave the room. I'm having some issues w/ him for these reasons, but if those are traits that you're looking for, it sounds like a pom would be perfect for you. I've never known any poodles or yorkies so I can't really judge, although it seems like yorkies have a more quiet/gentle reputation than poms.
  3. All three of those breeds can be great lap dogs. It will probably depend on the personality of the individual you pick out. If you want a calm dog who's happy to sit with you, don't choose the most spirited pup.

    Good luck with your new dog and be sure to post photos when he/she arrives!
  4. It will depend on how you raise the pup, regardless of the breed. My advice:

    1--DON'T buy from a pet shop...go to a reputable breeder or better yet, breed rescue

    2--as soon as the pup has all of his/her necessary shots, make sure to socialize him/her with other people, environments, FRIENDLY AND TRUSTWORTHY dogs, etc. This will ensure that the puppy is well-adjusted and self-assured.

    3--there are several books out about how to pick the right puppy for you depending on a few easy personality tests. Example: toss a ball near the litter of puppies...based upon the description of the characteristic traits that you want in your puppy, avoid the pup who immediately pounces on the ball and starts gnawing at it. At the same token, avoid the one who sits in the corner looking scared, no matter how pitiful they look. Instead, go for the puppy who is cautious about the ball at first, but goes up and investigates it eventually.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

    Can't wait to see pics of the new pup! :smile:
  5. Yorkies still have to be groomed, just like the poodles. Poms need to be brushed often. The only Pom I've met was a bit snappy around children (but the children he was raised with were brats).
  6. go to akc.org, read about the breeds. type in google "breed name + club" to read more about them. visit the different breeds (like going to dog shows [best way] & dog parks). those 3 breeds are quite similar so it may just come down to whatever looks best to you. find a reputable breeder (a dog show is a good place to start to look for breeders). good luck!
  7. I used to have a minituare poodle (about 12 lbs, little bigger than toy) and she was mean! I think she bit just about everyone in my neighborhood at least once. I don't know if the whole breed is like that but mine sure was a meanie.

    I've never had a pom or a yorkie, but I've met a couple of yorkies and they were really sweet.
  8. Aww! I want a Pom! They are sooo cute!