Pom Pom is it too heavy??? Please advice!

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  1. Hi again,
    I am back to shop again.

    Now I wrestling with the idea to get the POM POM style, I love the look
    of it and even how it looks on me and that you can wear it as a
    messenger style, the long strap and all.

    Is it really too heavy?

    Please advice me on that.

    Thanks so much.:yahoo:
  2. I think the hardware really determines how heavy it is, RH it will be feather light GH it will be heavier but not unbearable. I have a GH pompom and I like the style. The only thing that I don't like about the Pompom is it's SO big. I feel like my stuff tends to pool together in a big heap and I'm always digging threw my stuff to find what I'm looking for. I think because of the shape and the fact that it's so big your stuff tends to move around more than in say a City. If your worried about the weight did you consider the Mini Pom Pom?
  3. I had a GSH Black Pom when it first came out, which I sold after four months.

    I loved how it looked on me, but I found the GSH too heavy, and did not like the open drawstring at the top. Finding things was also a headache for me when I was in a hurry, which is nearly all the time;), as everything (even though I put them into various pouched for ease of location) tended to clump together right at the bottom and I'd be digging away before I located the item.

    If Bal had had the RH Pom then, I'd have bought that one, and maybe kept (foraging in a light bag is not as irritating for me as foraging through a heavy bag).

    However, ultimately, it came down to my personal concern that the Pom had no zip across the top, which persuaded me to sell it to someone else who would enjoy her more.
  4. ^ Sky, I'm pleased I'm not the only one concerned at the lack of zip!

    I long held a torch for Pompon, but when I actually tried on with my stuff in I found it uncomfortable across body (strap digging into my collarbone, even a third full with stuff), and I didn't like it banging on my legs over one shoulder.

    Generally, although I carry a LOT of stuff in my bags, I found it too big/cumbersome (which really surprised me, as I thought this would be very "me").

    However, I love how it looks on other people, so please don't let my experience put you off!

    I would recommend you try one, with your stuff in, and walk around the shop for a while wearing it in different ways - that way you'll know whether it's for you. HTH, and good luck!
  5. Wow, thanks, I did try it on at Nordstrom, they had one there and I loved it on me
    but did not put in all my stuff wallett ect, so I am not sure how it will go.

    Thanks for all your comments.
    Is there anyone who is really in love with it?
    Please comment!
  6. I am totally in love with my Pompon.

    I had never even considered it before early this summer when I was shopping as a celebration with my DH and he saw one and kept suggesting I get it. I tried it a few times and got it, and it has been my go-to bag ever since. It is NOT heavy at all, but mine is RH. Although, to tell you the truth I don't really find my GH bags that heavy as people give them a reputation for. Yes, they are not *AS* light as RH, but still not as heavy as other brands' bags.

    Anyway, back to Pompon. I found it totally useful and used it a LOT when traveling this summer. Even on the plane I used it as a carry-on, just pulled the top tight and tied it before putting it away. No problems. In terms of every day use, you can carry it on the long strap either cross-body or on one shoulder, or you can use the little handles and carry under your arm. All are very comfortable, and if you really load it up the cross-body way is best (I mean there were times when I had all of my regular stuff plus 1 laptop plus two iPads etc. It REALLY holds A LOT!).

    I love the Pom because it is just so relaxed. I feel like I can wear it with anything to carry anything. I don't care too much about the drawstring top because I can put the things that are really sensitive inside either the inner or outer zipper pocket, and plus the way I organize my purse is mostly with many little bags inside anyway, so I am not to worried about finding things etc. since all my little bags feel different. It is true what others have said about things getting clumped in the bottom, but ime this is true of all North-South bags, and not something particular to the design of the Pom.

    I absolutely love my Pom and feel like it is functional and elegant but still more laid-back than my other Bals. I also, though, think it can be "dressed up" a bit by holding it in the hand or on the arm. For me it is more versatile than the other Bal designs since it can be worn so many different ways, and more practical than the other over the shoulder long strap bags like City or PT because it can hold much more (and doesn't look in a weird shape or anything).

    Which color/hw are you considering, swissflower? Definitely go back and try it on with all of your stuff in the bag, but don't be surprised if it doesn't overwhelm you instantly. That was my experience with the Pom, especially since I found the leather (2010) to be drier than any of my other Bals (2006-2009) until it got broken-in. I don't mean that I was reluctant to buy it, just that it was DH's pick (I was eyeing a Blue Roi PT ;) ), and I wasn't over-the-moon the way I sometimes am after buying a new bag. But, you know what? I have used the Pom way more than I did use some of the bags I was over-the-moon about when I first got them. It is that kind of bag -- you fall in love over time/with use, and then it becomes an essential that you can't imagine living without!
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  7. ^ Safa said everything I could have said about my Pom. :heart: I am also totally in love with my Sorbet!

    It was love at first sight for me. I am Chloe Paddington girl so no heavy bag can ever faze me, but I feel that the Pom only gets heavy if you load it up with heavy things. Since the capacity is quite large, I think some ladies may tend to bring everything and the kitchen sink... But that's the beauty of the Pom - you can load her up when you need to, yet when you have very few items, she collapses into a very comfortable size and moulds to your body.

    I'm a very tiny person (5 ft zero, 40 kg) so the long strap is awkward for me. But I'm happy using her by the handles alone.

    I love the Pom so much that I wouldn't mind a Cyclade Pom. And though I am content just to have one Bbag which is my Sorbet Pom, I am considering my second Bbag - a Mini Pom! That is how much I love the style of the Pom. :yes:

    So... if I go on any further, I'll just be repeating everything Safa said so I will leave you with a tonne of pictures of me and my beloved Sorbet RH pom, when I went on vacay in Vancouver. Yup, she was the only bag I used - through the entire trip and as my carry-on as well!

  8. Safa and dragonette, you said it so beautifully -beyond believe.

    I love my new pom pom even with gsh.

    I chose raisin, because I always loved the color purple, but I was too worried that the
    color purple would come and go, but I don`t think like that anymore.

    I love the color purple.
    Really was surprised that the store in LA still had this one left, I snatched it up.

    Now I am trying to find a little coin purse to match it, hopefully can find one on
    f**bay or so.

    Thinking about the pom pom makes me smile, I think I am in love more so than all the other bags.

    I have tried part times and cities and work, maybe the work I loved the most.
    Then had a day bag, and the pom pom comes close to that, I love the free style the pom pom has to offer and the ever so long strap.

    Just wish now I would know how to keep my nails off so I won`t scratch the surface.

    Does anyone know how to smooth out scratches???

    It does show.