polo ralph lauren f&f

  1. 30% off full-price/sale items
    November 21- December 4.

    In Store: print attached coupon
    Online: HOL2006
  2. Sweet! Thanks so much for posting this!
  3. Thanks for posting!
  4. nice
  5. Cool thanks! =)
  6. Private sale starts tomorrow.
  7. I cannot see the fine print in the coupon. Is outlet store excluded? Thanks.
  8. It already started....
  9. HOL2006 is not working for me, anyone else having problems?

  10. I don't think it starts until Nov 21
  11. Thanks so much for this code!! It saved me over $74 on a cami I have been lusting over for the past month. :yahoo:
  12. this is not good, i just bought huge amount stuff at their store during this sale, then i spent another huge amount online, and then i just got back from the Saks triple point sale today and spent some more! i need to sell some blood or organs now to pay for everything...but the stuff is awesomely priced, especially for black lable!
  13. randr, totally get what you are saying. I just came back from the Saks triple points today too, and I was shopping RL collection! I couldn't resist that long dark green coat, gees even at 40% off it's costing way too much. Now I just really really hope that I do not see the coat at the after Xmas 70% off sale because I'll have killed myself for not waiting!
  14. ooh tods, you got the dark green coat? i love their coats...Saks had stuff on sale that even the RL website didn't. i got their double faced crepe suit and dress, too beautiful for words.

    i did ask the sa if the items (i purchased) would be on sale even more on friday and he said he didnt think so b/c the only reason saks decided to put everything (except cruise) on 40% sale is b/c they knew RL stores were doing the same and they wanted to compete.
  15. I would like to know that too, anyone used it at the outlet?
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