Polo.com Friends and Family

  1. Beginning today, March 27 licensees, friends and family will be able to shop at Polo.com and enjoy 30% off full-price and sale items through April 16.
    Simply enterRL2007SP within your shopping bag at checkout.
    Please share with your colleagues, friends and family!

    *Some exclusions apply
  2. Thanks for the post!
  3. thanks so much! you just saved me $264!:woohoo:
  4. tnx!!! big discount!!
  5. Sounds good... gonna check the site out to see if anything... Thanks! :nuts:
  6. Thanks for posting!
  7. Really incredibly kind of you to post this code...many thanks. Stocking up on polos for the kids now!
  8. i wish it applies to pink pony too...but i dont think so
  9. Thanks! I'll see if I want anything...
  10. thanks! shopping time =)
  11. It isn't including pink pony, too bad:sad:
  12. thanks!! i got a great deal!!!
  13. Yay thanks!
  14. Thank you!!! This works just perfectly:smile: Two nice new skinny polos on their way to me...

  15. No discounts EVER on pink pony! I wish!