Polo.com discount

  1. FRIENDS & FAMILY SHOPPING EVENT - We invite you to enjoy 30% OFF full-price and sale items at Polo.com <http://polo.com/> from April 6-16. Simply enter promotional code SPRING2006 at checkout. PASS THIS CODE ALONG to your friends and family so they too can enjoy these special savings.
  2. THANK YOU, sweetsparkle!!
  3. greatest. code. ever.

    more polos for me!
  4. OMG! Awesome! THank you so much!!!!
  5. Nice, thank you. I need to shop now.
  6. Thanks so much
  7. Sweet thanks!
  8. Looks like pink polo is excluded! DARN! I have been eyeing that tote!


  9. AAWWW I need this . thanks
  10. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Thought I share this and as opposed to starting a new thread, just post it here.

    For free shipping:


    (Has to be in all caps or it won't work)
  12. Good to know. My hubby loves Polo clothing; maybe I'll look there for some Fathers' Day ideas...
  13. "LAUREN" works for free shipping until may 31st as well.
  14. Cool ! Thanks