Polly-large tote???

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  1. I am taking a second look at this large tote and really liking it. It would be a great weekend bag. Soooo much more grown-up and stylish than the Prada fairy bag IMO! And it is canvas so it would be light as well...
  2. It is definitely more grown up and less whimisical, but I am not sure if I like the 70s vibe. It's different. Maybe with the right outfit it would be a cool bag.
  3. I this it is pretty cool :wlae: I would just make sure to buy it on sale!
  4. That is the plan! ^^
  5. JM,
    I could see you and this bag on the cover of Viper Magazine!:yahoo:
    It looks like a you gotta have it for Detroit!:woohoo:

    Now is that before or after the BAN...........:girlsigh:
    Just trying to help, really!:P

  6. cute!!!
  7. You're right Lionlaw, it does have that '70s feel now that you've mentioned it.

    Jm, surely a statement bag. Would love to see it on somebody but I'm not sure if I can pull this one off. Is this colored or a black and white bag? It looks less colorful than the clutch.
  8. It does have color. I would use it as a travel tote, not a handbag. I am hoping they have it at the SF boutique so I can see it this Thursday...I'm not seeing the 70's thing, tho, I do see it in the Saba... so maybe Choo did put a little retro in their line. LOL

  9. jmcadon, I think that's a very cute tote. It does have a different look to it. Good luck on your decision! Colette