Polly in Cobalt or Dark Night?

  1. I decided to get a Polly. I love the concept of this bag but I need to buy it online because I am not close to a store that carries this style & color combo.

    As for color, should I get Dark Night or Cobalt? I really want a blue bag and something classic but interesting. On Bal's website the Dark Night looks almost black, which is not what I want... Not sure what it's like IRL.

    Any thoughts?

    I will also try going to Neiman Marcus and looking at the colors on other bags (they only have the Polly in black) but I am interested if you ladies have any opinions about Cobalt vs Dark Night?


  2. I'm into bright colored bags right now, so my vote will be for the cobalt :smile:
  3. Do you think the handles will show wear more on the Cobalt than Dark Night?
  4. Probably, because its lighter.. I own a Bal in Bleu Roi and the handles are fine :smile:
  5. I have a dark night and its still brand new, but I imagine it won't show as much wear as a blue cobalt. However, if I were you and wanted a "pop" of color I would go for a blue cobalt! Good luck and post pics!!