1. Yes! I've heard of Pollini, but I don't remember where, or what I heard about it. I just recognize the name from somewhere.
  2. very old and reputable brand, from italy. i saw the store in milan when i was there 2 wks ago. i think their lower level line "studio pollini" is carried by Saks. i also remember seeing their store on sloane st. in the UK. style is not as trendy or as well known as some of the other italian leather brands.
  3. Its a very good brand from italy!! Its actually very popular in Russia and pretty expensive too. I have a pair and i can definately say its a very good quality pair!! highly reccomend!!
  4. Thanks! Just bought a pair of shoes from them. They sell them at Zappos.
  5. we have bought pollini shoes and bags (shoes are their first main thing) for around 15 years or more. they are very reputable but mostly located in italy. love their classic styles and their shoes tend to be great for work IMO.

    I think a Pollini nylon hand me down from my mum was my first 'brand' bag!!! we still have it around. (i wasn't even aware of handbag brands at the time - so into shoes)