Poll: Your favorite CADENA???

  1. I absolutely :heart: LOVE:heart: the 2006 "Paris in the Air" cadena. Maybe it's the water sign in me but the lines and curves - just beautifuil!

    I guess I am also a little biased because Dh and I were married in 2006 and spent our honeymoon in Paris so it has a special place in my heart.

    How about all of you? Do you buy cadenas to commemorate special events (birth of a child, marriage, graduation, etc)?
  2. My elephant! It is a symbol of luck ...and I have been very lucky since buying it! ;)
  3. This year's cadena. It's so well made, it's amazing.

    And yes, I bought cadenas to commemorate the year of birth for my 2 children.

    2003 & 2004.
  4. The lion and the snail. Both are cute and always get lots of attention plus the lion is the date of my son's birth.
  5. I LOVEEEEEE cadenas!!!!:heart: I have all of my cadenas in palladium: elephant, hippo, pelican, sail boat, shooting star, pegasus, and heart (heart cadena in both silver and gold)! I am working on getting MORE!:p
  6. I need a Pegasus...:sweatdrop: I really do! :p
  7. i love my pegasus. i love my elephant too but i think it needs a bag rather than on a necklace.

    which is the paris one from 2006?

    i would LOVE a lion someday.
  8. It's the sailboat. :smile: [​IMG]
  9. ooh very cool. i LOVE the hippo too!
  10. I don't own a cadena yet but I love the lion.
  11. SNAIL!!!!! That one is my favorite and next comes the HARP!!!!
  12. My fav is the heart one 2004...to commemorate DH and my wedding!

    Love this thread and everyone's stories...
  13. The sterling silver horse and sterling watering can, of course!
  14. All the ones I don't have...

    Watering can, horse, shooting star, lyre...

    I do love the sailboat and pelican which I do have...
  15. Oh sure.......you've got the WATERING CAN!!!! I'd chuck a lung for a Watering Can........