Poll: Who had a bridal shower AND a bachlorette party??

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What party did you have??

  1. I had BOTH a bridal party AND bachlorette party.

  2. I had a bridal party.

  3. I had a bachlorette party.

  4. I didn't have squat!! :)

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  1. So who here has had both a bridal party AND bachlorette party?? Who threw what?? Who took up the financial aspect of the parties?? Was it worth having?? Any input would be great, I'm planning for my big day as well as my Mother's wedding this year. (and may be planning my BFF's.) Thanks!!
  2. I had both.

    My sister planned the bridal shower and my best friend planned the bachelorette party. I don't know who paid for what, but I know my stepmom helped out my sister.
  3. My sister (MOH) planned my bridal shower and my mom and BMs helped out as well. Most of the costs were probably paid for by my sister and mom though. My bachelorette party was in Vegas, also planned out by my sister and each person paid for their own expenses but I think they pitched in and bought my ticket - can't remember though.
  4. My MIL and MOH at the time (long story, don't even want to go there) planned the surprise Bridal Shower (MIL got a hold of my MOH and paid for it, otherwise I'd have neither party)

    didn't have a b-party - wouldn't have had one even if I didn't have a falling out with MOH, her husband doesn't let her go out.
  5. I had neither :sad: due to too many issues with MIL

    But all of my friends who have gotten married, the price of everything had been shared between the bridal party and really close friends....
  6. I had two showers and a bachelorette. My mom and my aunt paid for one shower, and a group of 4 friends paid for the other. Both showers were offered, not expected, and the bachelorette was more a girls' night to celebrate my wedding! We all bought our own drinks, etc. for the bachelorette. My Maid of Honor paid for her trip to Las Vegas for my wedding, and she paid for her own dress and shoes. Other than that, she was our guest for the wedding, rehearsal dinner, and a couple of dinners, etc. that week while she was in town.
  7. i wanted to add to my post....

    out of all of my friends to get married...only one demanded EVERYTHING... and she learned the hard way, because she lost a lot of friends because she was so rude and mean about everything... it was a shame...

    I dont know how people can expect others to just throw these parties and pay for everything...

    If I could go back I wouldnt of let my MIL ruin my plans of having a shower/party which all of my girlfriends and I had planned together...
  8. i know i will be having a shower which will be paid for by mom and a bachelorette which will be by from my girls.
    dont know if this makes any difference but df and i didnt have an engagement party,
  9. I had both. My MOH and my bridesmaid threw my shower and my MOH did my bachelorette party on her own. Both parties were wonderful!! When my MOH got married and I was her MOH, I did both for her as well. Only in that case, she had slacker bridesmaids so I paid for and planned everything myself.
  10. I didn't have either one. Was engaged for about 9 months, but "all of a sudden" just decided to get married sooner rather than later, so there wasn't really time for any of that.
  11. I had 2 bridal showers, one thrown by family and the other thrown by friends. I also had my bachelorette party thrown by my maid of honor.
  12. I had a bridal shower that was thrown by my maid of honor, her mom and my mom helped her out some for my friends/my family. I also had a shower in my DH's hometown that was thrown by my SIL for their family, etc. I had a personal shower also, my bridesmaids pitched in on that one. My bachelorette party was planned and thrown by my favorite SIL in the world!!!

    I enjoyed having each one. There were different people at each one, except my bridal party was pretty much at each. So I got to have one for my family, his family and our friends!! The bachlorette party was fun just to go out and spend some time with my friends and my soon to be SILs!!!
  13. I didn't have either but then again I'm not into all the fuss of parties and I really just wanted to marry my baby and didn't care about anything but being his wife.
  14. well we had a housewarming so i don't want a bridal party it just wouldn't be right. i'll just have a bachelorette
  15. My MIL threw me a surprise bridal shower. It was a sit-down luncheon with most of her friends and my mom, sister and brother. My MIL picked up the tab and got a gazillion meal points at Charlie Brown's.

    It was totally worth it because it basically stocked our entire kitchen for life! :graucho: You get stuff you would never buy yourself (like a fondue pot you'll only use once every 2 years).

    No bachlorette party because I didn't want one-- I don't drink or stay out late.