Poll: White or Truffle, Part time or the Work?

  1. I am going to NM today to get a Balenciaga with GH to add to my collection.

    I am attracted to white and the really dark chocolate one (almost blackish.....that's truffle right? or is that one cafe?). I wanna get both but I can't...the GH ligne is more than before....ouch......:crybaby:

    Considering it's summer soon, I am thinking maybe white but the truffle seems like such versatile color

    for the size, I like big bags, so I am considering either the work or part time. All other b bags I have are the work size and even some weekenders......

    what shoud I go with?

    1. white part time
    2. white work
    3. truffle part time
    4. truffle work

  2. What other Bal Bag do you have? If you have darker colors, I'll def. go with White! I love White with GH! I just got Aqua PT in GH, and it's pretty big, so to give some variety, I'll go with White PT.
  3. I think you're talking about Cafe. It's the one that's almost black. Both colors go with GH well. I'd definitely go with the Work style with the GH and since it's summer, go for White!
  4. truffle work :yes:
  5. Truffle Work !!!
  6. Def Truffle Work - cause i have one! But it's not dark , it's more like a milk chocolate colour!
  7. ^^ my vote's for the white work (drool) :drool:
  8. It all depends on what you have in your current collection. The white is a great colour for summer however the truffel is verstile for all seasons. I bet once you go there and try the beauties on, you'll know. would love to know what you decide.