Poll: Which Wallet would you choose?

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Which Wallet to Get?

  1. Monogram Pochette Wallet

  2. Monogram Zippy Wallet

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Trying to decide on which wallet to get - the Zippy Wallet or the Pochette Wallet. I'm leaning towards the Pochette but wanted to see what the experts think!
    pochette.jpg zippy.jpg
  2. this one:

  3. [​IMG] Re: Poll: Which Wallet would you choose?
    this one:

  4. I think the zipper would bug me when using it, I say the first one
  5. Pochette~
  6. I voted pochette. I've had this wallet for a while and LOVE it!!!:love:
  7. Pochette, faster access to the CCs! I like the Zippy, but I think it could get irritating?
  8. Pochette!! I have it and Love it!!! Soooooo user friendly!
  9. You know I love the pochette!
  10. I vote for Zippy.... It's the one I am planning to get this fall.... :yes:
  11. Pochette! I like the look of the zippy better, but I think easy access to the credit cards is more important! :lol:
  12. Pochette. I just got one myself, and I really love it.
  13. well alrighty - looks like the Pochette is the one - on my way to the happiest place on earth - and I don't mean Disneyland!
  14. Post pics when you get back!!!
  15. Louis Vuitton IS the happiest place on earth !!! :graucho:
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