POLL: Which Toile De Hermes? Red? Green? Lots of Action pics!


RED? or GREEN!!!?? help!

  1. red

  2. green

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. okay well I finally got one of these.

    I have wanted one forever......and Hermes boutiques in the USA are sold out. I had my SA do a search....but nothing.

    my SA and manager are doing a global search for me but I have not heard back from them on that...it takes forever.....

    BUT...my dear friend ROSE recommended I call Neimans....so I did. I called the buying office and talked to the buyer of scarves, etc and she found me 2 red Toile and one green. I immediately had all of them shipped.

    One of the toiles in red is promised to ....a dear buddy on this thread....I will be shipping it to her next week.....

    but for me....red? or green?

    My husband and I have different opinions....so I need yours!

    vote and tell me what you think!

    I will be posting a good amount of action pics to help!
  2. Even before the action shots, I can tell you that I will be voting for red...
  3. Red. I fell in love with it a long time ago when I saw a tPF'ers modeling pictures - I believe it was Deux Armoirs.
  4. here is one of my fav ties...learned from Rose...
    necktie.jpg necktie1.jpg
  5. here it is as a belt...
    belt.jpg belt1.jpg
  6. ^^Still stickin' to red.
  7. I prefer the red one on you personally...
  8. i know majority vote is red here, but i really like the green one on you.
  9. just thrown on....
    normal.jpg normal1.jpg
  10. I would have normally said red but on you I think I prefer green.
  11. tied on the side....
    side.jpg side1.jpg
  12. tied around the back....
    side.jpg side1.jpg
  13. The green looks better on you. :tup::yes:
  14. i did the rest first and by the end of the green my husband was tired of it...so here are 2 shawlish methods.
    shawl.jpg shawl1.jpg
  15. okay there you go...

    my husband prefers the red on the hanger and me.

    I think I like the green the best. I am very drawn to it.


    I didn't realize how much I love this thing. Its just so easy to wear and I love it!!!!!!

    but I have to pick ONE because it will be that thing where I will end up wearing one the most, etc.....

    so what do you think?

    isn't it fab? I love it!