Poll: Which Sex & The City girl are you most like, or you relate to?


Which SATC girl are you?

  1. Carrie

  2. Miranda

  3. Samantha

  4. Charlotte

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  1. Which SATC girl are you most like? And why?

    I'm most like Miranda in personality, except w/out the promiscuity :P

    (People say I give off the impression of a Charlotte, though. I must appear perkier than I really am)
  2. Yeah, I'd have to say Miranda, too. Especially pre-baby. It's not even just in attitude, we've both got weak chin issues. ;)
  3. charlotte, so much it's scary sometimes
  4. Whoever voted Samantha, we could definitely be friends! I love when Charlotte tells Samantha that their friend stole her baby name, and w/out hesitation Sam says "That *****!" and leads her away... Sam rocks... :biggrin:
  5. Charlotte
  6. I think I'm mostly like Charlotte
  7. Definitely Charlotte. We have the same views on love & sex as well as clothes (mine is not as expensive though). Oh, I just love SATC!!!!!
  8. Definitely Charlotte for me as well!
    I'm always happy and very up-beat ;)
  9. There's a really cute quiz called "Who's your Sex and The City Match?" on TBS website. Here's the link: http://www.tbs.com/stories/story/0,,50205,00.html

    When you open the page, it's in the column on the left. The quiz said that I am most like Carrie...Really????
  10. Charlotte
  11. I'm like Carrie for the most part...crazy curly hair and I like my money right where I can see it; hanging in my closet!

    I wish I had the same kind of body though...
  12. SAMANTHA!!!!!!!!!!:graucho::lol:
  13. LOL! Sorry I didn't know that there was already a poll on this! My bad... :smile:

    But it seems the results this time are different. What happened to all the Carries? :rolleyes:
  14. Definitely Miranda. I only WISH I was a Samantha though, mmm Smith !