Poll: Which reissues you would keep?


which ones you will keep?

  1. 2005 white 226

  2. 2007 black w/gold hw 226

  3. 2007 dark silver 226

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  1. Ladies, I need your help to decide which one/two reissues to keep... I am torn between the 2005 white, 07 black with gold hardware and 07 dark silver.

    05 white - 226, I really like the color (my only white chanel). But I am concerned about keeping it clean in the long term. Does anyone have this bag and actually use it?

    07 black - 226, this one is exactly the same leather and hardware as the 2005 black one except for the stamp. I missed the 2005 version and when I heard this one is coming out, I got it immediately...and I love it. But considering I already have a medium black classic, do you think it is too similar?

    07 dark silver - 226, it is still on the way. I decided to go for it after seeing so many lovely pictures here and it will be my only metallic bag.

    So, which one/two will you keep (in which order?)? I can't justify have 3 reissues in the same size, especially for the current price.... ladies, please help me!
  2. the dark silver since it is so hard to come by
  3. I loved that 2005 white. That or the silver def.
  4. Definitely the dark silver. As for the second,my gut feeling would be black with gold (I have the 2005 226 one and love it)...but since you love the white one maybe keep that?

    I also have a black jumbo flap with silver hardware. But then,I just love black bags. I think that you'll look at your white bag in the closet a lot,but probably use the black one more.
  5. I'd get rid of the medium black classic and the white (only b/c the upkeep isn't easy - I 'd get a white caviar flap).

    That would leave you with the dark silver and black reissues which would be a sin to get rid of.
  6. ITA go for silver 226 and keep the reissue in black and get rid of the medium flap. Reissues are more beautiful than the classic flap IMO. BTW also get rid of the white reissue if it is just going to sit in its box.
  7. i would keep and the white and dark silver.
  8. Ok hopefully the lynch mob doesnt kill me BUT I say get rid of the silver one:sweatdrop:

    Only because when I think of Chanel I think of classic and while the silver is stunning I cannot picture it being a bag that you can pull out 10 years from now.

    If it were a gold metallic I would say keep it BUT its very blingy and silver. Its a current hot look and not classic IMO

    DON't kill me.:sweatdrop:

    The black and white reissue are classic colors that can be worn forever....not to mention if you get sick of them and decide to sell them in a few years they will go quickly becasue they are not "trendy" :yes:
  9. i will say keep the black and dark silver but not the white... :p
  10. I would keep the white and dark silver...
    white cos it's limited edition & dark silver cos it's metallic....
  11. I would keep '07 black and '05 white.
  12. Ditto!
  13. i mean keep the black reissue with gold chain and dark silver!! :graucho:

  14. Dark silver. If 2 then the black also
  15. keep all reissues and get rid of the black classic.