POLL: which one would u choose?



  1. Damier Sarria Mini

  2. Damier Belem PM

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  1. between a damier sarria mini and a belem pm?

    i guess most of you would know what's in my collection :P...if not, let me know!

    i don't know which one to buy first.....................!
  2. btw, to me, both of them are TDF....the belem pm is special..i love how the shape's irregular, and structured...as for the sarria mini, i've always wanted a trouville in damier..and it just seems to be a useful bag..but a bit on the plain side...

    what do u guys think?;)
  3. belem pm is my one and only LV so far. i love it!!!
  4. I think the Belem has such an interesting appearance - one you won't see "coming and going". It got my vote.
    Good luck with your decision!
  5. I voted for the belem...its an adorable, unique shape!
  6. Another Belem fan here, it's such a great shape!
  7. do u think the outside pockets are useful in a belem pm? will the bag sag? and..will the straps hurt compared to the rolled handles on the sarria mini?

  8. i put my super thin phone in the outside pocket so that i could hear it while walking on the street. if you have a thick phone, it might bulge though.

    the straps doesn't hurt as i carry it using my fingers. of course, if you put a lot in your belem and you put it on the crook of the arm, it will leave your fore arms with some red stripes, just like any other bags.

    nope, it does not sag at all! IMO, the belem is very well engineered. :love:
  9. i love the rolled handles on my speedy 25...that's why i was asking about this and was reluctant to get a papillon although i really love the shape of the papillon..

    can u kindly take a picture of what u put in ur belem? is the bag itself heavy?

  10. here're some pictures: Yahoo! Photos - sma11cat's Photos - damier belem pm

    the bag itself is pretty light actually. hope this helps! :supacool:
  11. thanks! it really holds a lot!!!
  12. get the Belem! it's so much cuter than the Sarria