poll: which one to keep Ferr or Zac Posen

  1. I need help in deciding which one to keep Ferr or the Zac Posen. The Ferr here is just the style. I have this one in Straw ( like a light ivory color). Zac Posen style is trendy and young. The Ferr is classic and I can carry it from now until I reach my sixty or seventy.
    help me choose....which one to kee. See pics below

  2. I vote keep the Ferragamo for the reasons you stated.
  3. definitely the Ferragamo. that bag is really elegant and i can see you put it to good use for many many yrs to come.
  4. Another vote for the Ferragamo
  5. Definitely Ferragamo.
  6. ditto - that ferr is timeless
  7. I can tell you are in favor of the Ferragamo just by your initial couple of sentences. Don't try and talk yourself into something else. It's not worth it!
  8. Ferragamo. I personally prefer it, and it sounds like you do too.
  9. I agree with pretty much everyone..:Ferragamo
  10. Zac Posen.

    It is way more pleasing stylistically, imo.. and plus, you already have the Ferragamo in another colour.. and i really doubt, even with this bag being "classic", you'll end up carrying it as much as you stated. Just have fun! It's not like it's blue metallic with fringe or anything :p
  11. I think the Zac Posen is GORGEOUS.
  12. Ferragamo!
  13. Ferragamo!
  14. Ferragamo for sure! :p
  15. Ferragamo, okay ..yes good reasons to buy

    but then again you have plenty of time to purchase a bag that you can carry until you're 80.

    I absolutely adore and love love love the Posen bag.

    I vote Zac Posen. You're only young once.