Poll: Which new model Sarah wallet should I get?

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Which Sarah wallet would you choose?

  1. Vernis in Amethyste

  2. Multicolor in Noir

  3. Mon Monogram

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi, folks!

    I'm sitting here obsessing over the new style Sarah wallet. I love everything about it, but when I decide on a material, I see another one I like. So I need some help from you LV lvoers out there.

    At first, I wanted the new Sarah in Amethyste Vernis. I love the color but I think the fingerprints would get on my nerves after awhile.


    Then I saw the Mon Mono Sarah and thought this would solve the fingerprint issue and I can select colors that complement my other Mon Mono pieces.


    And finally, I saw that the Sarah is offered in the black multicolor also with the fuchsia interior. Plus. I already have a cosmetic pouch and card holder in MC and it would be nice to have a complete set of SLGs.


    Okay folks, which one should I get?
  2. i vote for the vernis one..i just purchased one in Amethyste this morning cant wait to get it
  3. I like the Mon Mono best and I love this color combo. Good luck deciding, they are all beautiful.
  4. Im on the same dilema.. I want sarah new model but i can decide which one. Thank you for creating this thread. :smile:
  5. Of the three, I like the mon mono (minus the initials).
  6. I vote for MC. I have MC insolite wallet. Love the pink interior. 😃
  7. I would go for multicolor one. Its fun and super cute. I have sarah in vernis (rose velour) and yes fingerprint is kind annoying me ;-/
  8. I'm a traditional at heart...the Monogram.
  9. My vote goes to Vernis!
  10. I agree!
  11. I like the MC one
  12. I adore the vernis! I have this wallet in mono and I absolutely love it but if I had known it also came in vernis when I purchased it, I probably would have got it instead. I had a really hard time deciding between my mono and the Curieuse wallet but I decided on the lower price point because I bought a fair few items in the one sitting.
  13. MC!! so much fun and love the pink interior!👍

  14. Agreed!! Love MC.
  15. Mc!!! :d