Poll: Which MIRROR Bag Do You Like?


Which do you girls prefer? Which are you getting? Vote more if you like more than 1.

  1. Silver Speedy

  2. Gold Speedy

  3. Silver Papillon

  4. Gold Papillon

  5. Silver Pochette

  6. Gold Pochette

  7. Silver/Gold Alma

  8. Silver/Gold Keepall

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Appreciate you girls' opinion on which Mirror Bag you like and will/wish you'd get. I know maybe speedy but which colour? or papilon which colour?
    Thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. I adore the silver speedy. I don't know if I'll feel the same way once I officially see it in the store, though.
  3. oh i think the silver- but i need to see them
  4. I love them all but the Silver or Gold Pochette would make a great evening bag.:flowers:
  5. I like the gold speedy.
  6. I think I am getting the silver speedy and gold pouchette...will need to see them at the store. I am pretty sure I want the gold pouchette, so it will match my antigua's (it is the same as the plate on them)....the silver speedy I am still not sure on, could go either way ;)
  7. I need to see photos! I couldn't find any at Vuitton.com.
  8. I have to wait until I see them IRL, but right now I'm not feeling them!
  9. Silver Speedy.:biggrin:
  10. At this point, I don't lilke any of them enough to get it anytime soon or in the future. I have to see it in person I guess.
  11. silver speedy if I had to choose, but I don't think I'll be getting anything from this line. I'd love to see it irl though.
  12. I really like the silver speedy, love the gold papillon and am getting the sillver pochette if I wait my turn

  13. It hasn't launched, yet. Here it is:

  14. Thanks Michelle!

    Uhhhh...they're a bit...cheesy looking to me.
  15. the speedy is too big. i like the silver papillon and pochette, but i don't think i'll be getting any of these.