Poll: Which Kelly would you choose?

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I have an opportunity to purchase a pre-loved black Kelly 28 SHW in Chevre de Coromandel or black Kelly 28 SHW in Togo. Both are lovely and in good condition. Which would you go for and why? Thanks ya ;)
  2. Do you have pics?

    I'd go for the chevre as I love the leather and this leather is currently only available for Special Order from Hermes.
    Very hard to get.
    Holds it's shape very well.
    Amazing leather feel.
    Super lightweight.

    The pink bag in my avatar is my first bag in chevre... Def my FAVORITE leather of all.

    ps. I have a togo k28 too and :heart: it (also in my avatar) but I'd always choose chevre.....if I had the choice...
  3. CDC all the way. Get it if you can. There are not many of them available for sale. There is a good reason for it. Light weight, excellent with water, almost scratch resistant and many more...
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    I would go for chevre also. My chevre is considerably lighter than my togo. Congrats in advance for whichever one you choose, I am sure you will love either :smile:
  5. Cdc!!!!!!
  6. Hi Israeli_Flava, I have the chance to see both bags in person but I forgot to take pics!! 😅 What attract me is the light weight of chevre and also because of that I afraid the need to be extra careful when handling it 🤔
  7. Hi maplemoose, thanks for the response. I have seen some feedback in this forum that Chevre is not that scratch resistant. I do see some very minor scratches during the bag viewing. So maybe it depend on how rough the owner is. Lol!
  8. Hi Perplexed, thanks! I am lean toward chevre after all the great advices from the lovely ladies here. Maybe I should get chevre first and later Togo in other colour :smile:
  9. 👍👍👍😉
  10. Extra careful? No dear. But I don't suggest being careless with any Hermes bag regardless of leather. Any leather can get damaged.
  11. Cdc!!
  12. If you are using this bag as a workhorse I would get Togo. Cdc is not a hardy leather for a daily workhorse.
  13. Are they both retourne?
  14. I'd choose Chevre too. I only have SLGs in Chevre, but prefer them to Togo
  15. Cdc anytime