Poll: Which J Crew coat?

  1. I've been on the hunt for a good winter coat and have eliminated some choices through the help of you nice posters here. So now, I have two new choices, both from J Crew. I'm eyeing both coats in chocolate although the one of the pictures attached is in black. They're almost alike except for the length and some subtle design differences. And one is backordered till Jan. ANyway, here are the pictures. Which do you think will look better on a petite (4'11", 98 lbs) mom?
  2. I think the first one would be cute for your body type
  3. I'd go for the first one too :O)
  4. Another vore for the 1st one
  5. Thanks! I'm also leaning towards the first one. I just hope I'll be able to wait that long as it is on backorder till January. At least, it'll give me time to save some more money!
  6. Between the two of them I'd definitely have to go with the first one. I'm also petite (5'1", 98 lbs.) and ordered the second one in a Petite 0 and it was WAY too overpowering on me. It was so beautiful and well-made, but I had to return it and it made me so sad. I never got a chance to try the first one, so I hope it works out for you, but it wouldn't surprise me if you had to take it up a couple of inches to avoid being overwhelmed with fabric :yes:.
  7. I also like the first one :smile:
  8. i like the 2nd one
  9. first one but it would look wonderful in black=)
  10. I prefer the first coat.
  11. #1!
  12. I bought the first coat in black and I LOVED IT! I had to return it because I had sworn to myself that I was going to buy a peacoat since that was what I really needed. It hurt going back :crybaby:
  13. first one.
  14. 2nd one.
    classic n cant go wrong in it.
  15. I have the same thought