Poll: Which is better: Box or Twiggy?


Box or Twiggy?

  1. Box

  2. Twiggy

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  1. For those of you who have one or both, which shape do you think looks better? Is the box big enough to fit everything you need? Which do you prefer?
  2. I've had both and loved both. Couldn't get the colors right but both shapes are great. I could fit almost everything I had in my City in my box. Same w/ the Twiggy but obviously that has a tad more room to spare. If I could find a black box I'd get one in a heartbeat.
  3. I should be getting a Sapin Box by the end of this week. I prefer the Box because the measurements are more flattering IMO. I've never had a Twiggy but the shape looks odd to me. Maybe I should try one on and see what it looks like on me.
  4. I can only speak for the Box...and I LOVE it!!! :yahoo: It definitely holds a lot more than you would think.
  5. I have the same dilemma. I wanted a bag that could fit everything in my City, but not that roomy. So I went ahead and ordered an Athracite Twiggy. First, I want to check out the anthracite color in person, secondly, I want to try twiggy on myself.

    If the twiggy shape doesn't turn out to be flattering, then I'll exchange it for something in Box style.

    Hard choice!:yes:
  6. I like both but prefer the Twiggy shape! Just a personal preference. The longer length makes it look sorta hip and slouchy. The Box is a little more "lady-like" to my eyes.
  7. I think that the box is better because it's dimensions are more square rather than long like the twiggy.
  8. Ditto.

    I like the box as a hand held. I like the Twiggy if I want to use the shoulder strap so it gets the slouchy look. HTH.
  9. Is the box style is discontinued?
  10. It is, but I wish it wasn't.
  11. Twiggy looks great, but only if its handheld.

    If you put it on you shoulder using the strap, it becomes almost unrecognizable. Uncute, even.

    The Box holds its shape when you put stuff inside, and using either the strap or the handles, it looks great.

    The craze is supposedly big bags right now (and the Twiggy is about 4" longer), but it just doesn't look fly sitting on your shoulder.

    I had a tough choice choosing as well. But after all was said and done, I went for the White Box.

    One more thing, get the Box cause its discontined. :yes:
  12. Thanks! That's a bummer...
  13. i would vite for twiggy :yes:
  14. i'm buying a black box this week :smile:
  15. CONGRATS twiggy! Make sure and post pics when you get it!