Poll: Which HW would you pick for Vert D'eau?


Which Hardware would you pick for Vert D'eau

  1. GH

  2. RH

  3. Don't Buy them!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I *think* I need either work or city in Vert D'eau. But which hard ware??
  2. I vote for city in Vert D'eau ;) Nice bag.
  3. I got the vert deau in a brief size with reg. hard. and love it - although I have some gh bags - I like this color in rh.
  4. I like it with the regular hardware.

    And I looove the Vert D'Eau in pics... and hopefully IRL. I'm still waiting to recieve mine!
  5. Which style did you order?
  6. I have bought a giant hardware bag, but I got a vert d'eau brief with regular hardware and I love it.
  7. I think that the regular hardware looks better with this particular color. Let us know which one you choose.
  8. I ordered a First - I thought the City would be too big for what I use it for (usually only wallet, keys & cell).
  9. I like regular hardware with that color...:smile:
  10. Most of you guys like RH, huh? I guess it's a good thing, since it's quite cheaper to go that way:smile:
  11. ^^
    Lol.. isn't it great that the preferred one is the cheaper one? How often does that happen! Most of the time it's the other way around.

    But I also voted for RH on the Vert d'eau. Just my personal opinion that it looks better with the regular hardware... very reminiscent of 04 turq!
  12. I like the regular. I really want a bag in this color too..but deciding on size now. Torn between City and Twiggy.
  13. I think it looks soo much more beautiful w/the Giant hardware, but obviously I'm in the minority!!!
  14. can i say work in GH :p
  15. ditto here :yes: