Poll: Which Gryson Should I Get?


Which Gryson rocks you?

  1. Smoke

  2. White

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. My birthday is coming up in Oct, and I'm thinking about asking for a Gryson Skye bag. :P

    Which one should I get? (I'm a 5'2 brunette)

    I'm concerned about keeping the white clean, but the white is also more eye-catching to me. I'd love some input! How do you guys keep your white bags clean?




  2. They are both very nice. =)
    If dirt is a concern, go for darker colors like Smoke, Chocolate, Black.
  3. I prefer the smoke. :yes:
  4. I just got the smoke. Did you see the pics? Very nice color for F/W.
  5. It is so striking in the white, I saw it in an NM catalog, really gorgeous, I say white!
  6. I have the Skye in white, and it is very eye-catching. I love it! However, I don't think you can go wrong with either color.
  7. Thanks so much for the input guys! :flowers: It is nice to know the white is nice in person. What site you get your white/brown Skyes on?

    Bag.lover, thank you for the links! I've been checking them out now. I've emailed one site and they sent me additional white pics. They put a *lot* of tissue stuffing in the bag from the picture! :P I really like both...
    Gryson 3.jpg
  8. I like the smoke. The white looks odd
  9. I got mine at thepursestore.com. It shipped quickly and in good shape.
  10. I have the white, i love it!
  11. I like the smoke better.
  12. I love the smoke color! I think it looks so...rich. :smile:
  13. My vote goes for white - as long as you are able to keep it clean.... dirty white bags make me wanna retch..