Poll; which green do you think is more wearable?

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Which shade of green??

  1. Apple

  2. Very Gazon

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I just love looking at my apple green city; the color is just so fresh. However, I have had it a few weeks and still have not used her.

    I recently feel in love with vert gazon shade so I was able to find one in the twiggy style. Both bags were aquired through lovely PF'ers.

    So, if you had to pick one, which would it be? I can see myself wearing the vert year round, but something keeps bringing me back to the apple. Help!
  2. Vert Gazon seems more wearable, but if I was "in love" with the apple green color I wouldn't hesitate to keep it over the vert gazon, regardless of "wearability."
  3. I want both!
    I have an MJ bag in Emerald (similar to VG) and it goes with so much, but
    I think the apple is a fantastic color - so fresh, such a statement. That's next on my wishlist!
    I think they're different enough to own both.
  4. i like how you called it very green! i think it's a lot more versatile, though i think the ag is very cute, too.

  5. Becca.... - I voted for the apple-green b/c I absolutely agree with your description of it :tup: ! It's also MY favorite green bag (I've the Day) :yahoo: !
  6. I like apple green!!!
  7. I think vert gazon is more wearable.
  8. apple green!
  9. Apple has yellow undertones and Vert Gazon has blue. I think in general the blue is what makes Vert Gazon more wearable for most people, but I also think that if you really, really love that Apple, you will just find a way to wear it. :yes:
  10. :yes:
  11. I'm not usually drawn to green, but they are both fabulous. I am no help. I can't decide!
  12. I personally like vert gazon more! I think it's a color that you can wear whether you dress up or dress down!
  13. HI.. I voted for the APPLE GREEN as I have had my eye on this color for a while. Your other Green is pretty to but APPLE for me PLEASE :smile:
  14. Holy moly!! 28-8 in favor of vert gazon!!!
  15. I like VG because you can use it more often but AG is delicious too. :drool:I am going to say keep both.:p