Poll: Which Epi Mandarin to get???


Which Epi Mandarin Purse??

  1. Jasmin

  2. Petit Noe

  3. Speedy 30

  4. Soufflout

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  1. I called LV's 866 number and there are still some Epi Mandarin bags left! So, now comes the decision. Which would you get:
    Jasmin - $1,040
    Petit Noe - $935
    Speedy 30 - $935 (although I'm a little scared of the speedy and the cat pee smell!)
    jasmin.jpg noe.jpg speedy30.jpg
  2. jasmin I love, its a beautiful shape !
  3. Jasmin would be my first choice, followed by the speedy. I'm sure whichever one you get will be beautiful though!!!!
  4. Jasmin! But the noe is very cute too.
  5. the speedy! :love:
  6. If you want it to hold a little more value~ then Jasmin:flowers: I like them all though! Love the color...I have gotten great comments on mine:yes:
  7. Jasmine!
  8. How many Jasmins are left?
  9. of those choices I guess jasmin, I think I like the speedy 25 the best in mandarin and jasmin was always my second choice....really I like them all though so I guess it really depends on the size bag you want and if you want a shoulder bag or not......
  10. Jasmin.
  11. Jasmin - simply stunning!
  12. what do you mean by cat pee smell???
  13. I got the mandarin Jasmin and I love it!
  14. I'm biased..I have the mandarin Jasmin and it is a GORGEOUS piece!:love:
  15. There was a problem awhile ago with the mandarin Speedys..they smelled horrible when you opened them. I never smelled it but a few people here on the forum had.
    I think they might have fixed the problem but I'm not sure.