POLL: Which dress should I wear for the wedding Im going to tomorrow?


Which would you choose?

  1. Light blue with black patterned "faux wrap" dress

  2. Brown with ivory patterend wrap dress

  3. Brown/Rust/Red/Ivory/Black Patterned wrap dress

  4. None of these, go find something in the morning.

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  1. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow, another 2 next weekend and another the following. No one at any of them will know each other but Im probably not going to duplicate too much.

    I was thinking that the last two I would wear either a brown/ivory or brown/ivory/rust/red/black pattered wrap dress and then the first two...no idea. But tomorrow doesn't feel fall enough for the browns for some reason...

    So...for tomorrow, which would you choose?
  2. it's really hard to vote without pics..:confused1:
  3. :yes:Yeah, do you have any pictures?
  4. Unfortunately no, I broke my camera yesterday--apparently if you drop it a lot if eventually stops functioning... and I can't get a good shot with my camera phone.

    I know, this thread is kind of useless without pics!