(Poll) Which crossbody bag?

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Which crossbody bag?

  1. LV Saintonge

  2. Gucci Marmont

  3. YSL Lou Camera bag

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  1. I am wanting a new every day, somewhat carefree crossbody bag. I am stuck on these options and can’t decide! If you have another suggestion, please post below! (I already had the Gucci soho disco once and didn’t love it, so no need to recommend that one!)

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  2. I voted for the Gucci because I think, thanks to its length, it will be easier for your essentiels to fit in.
    The YSL is nice too, though.
    I don't like the Saintonge, I think it's too "busy"
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  3. I can see why you're having trouble deciding! These are all gorgeous bags. I'd go with the Saintonge, personally- I have an MCM camera bag with coated canvas sides and leather trim like it, and they're a lifesaver. For me it's always the front or back that get dripped on/rubbed/touched with sticky hands so the canvas protects the bag right where it needs it. Plus, there's less leather to condition! I also think the tassle is a very pretty little detail.

    Happy choosing!
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  4. Gucci! I’m not keen on the tassel on the LV
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  5. I voted for the YSL. I think it's the most suitable for both everyday life as well as more festive activities.
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  6. I've looked at this thread before and felt I also needed time to consider.

    I don't own a Marmont but out of these I'd go for the Gucci.

    1. Firstly the Gucci and the YSL are leather and although I have nothing against the mono, there is no comparison between an all-leather bag and mostly canvas one however well made or beautiful.

    2. The Gucci and the YSL are made in the same factories so hard to split them up there either but another point in Gucci's favour is they have better QC and aftercare.

    3. Not the biggest fan of black leather with the brown mono print even though I will often wear brown and black together. Somehow it makes it look heavier and busier than necessary. Although, one thing in LV's favour is I like the leather strap (I probably wouldn't use the top-strap). Chains can be cold in the Summer against bare skin.

    4. LV = I like their luggage, YSL = more a fashion brand for me. It's a Gucci bag and leather is what Gucci do best (well what do you want from me? I have 36 :biggrin:).
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  7. I'm a big fan of the Saintonge, I wore mine daily last summer and it still looked great. Very light and fits loads, even my water bottle and an umbrella and sunglasses (all at the same time), very practical.
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  8. How’s the leather holding up? I’ve seen reviews regarding possible creasing where it opens on the sides
  9. The leather holds up beautifully, actually! The creasing doesn't happen where it opens on the sides, but rather on the leather tabs that holds the strap on both sides. So, you would expect the bag to slightly curve inwards where the leather straps are held onto the bag, since the weight of the bag is constantly pulling on that area. Just looking at the listings on Fashionphile, I identified the problem with most of the pre-loved Saintonges. Here's an illustration, if it helps:
    Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 2.06.37 AM.png
    Not obvious and doesn't cause any usage problems, and mine only did that after wearing the bag consistently for 3 months nonstop during summer, never changing out of it! Otherwise the leather looked absolutely amazing and only very light scratches, not very visible at all. Really help up very well against all weather, easy to use and matched everything, would recommend. :smile:
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  10. Awesome! Thank you for the pic!
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