Poll: Which color(s) SS08 reissue are you on the waitlist for?


Which color(s) SS08 reissue are you on the waitlist for?

  1. Purple

  2. Navy

  3. Dark Green

  4. Metallic Black

  5. Silver

  6. Gold

  7. Light Silver

  8. Black

  9. Dark Brown

  10. Dark Red

  11. White

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am just so curious about the colors TPFers are waiting for. I am waiting for the navy and puple metallic 227. I have not seen any of them IRL, and I am not going to keep both, too much money for me to keep both and they are kinda similar.

    I know met. purple is such a popular color, but I am kinda leaning towards navy for such a large size bag, just think that navy is more subtle and easier to mix and match with my wardrobe.

    But I can't wait to get both bags in my hands!

    What colors are you waiting for??
  2. Got my name down on the navy and the green as well. Will have to decide which one to get when they are in. Purple is a divine color but I already have two purple balenciagas that I barely use mainly because they are hard to combine with anything other than black.
  3. I really love the navy and purple, but if given a choice I'd get the navy because it's easier to match. :yes:

    Unfortunately, I'm not waitlisted for either. I'm really trying to stick to my ban this time.
  4. Mine is dark red, but I'm thinking that to take dark silver too... do you think which one is better choice?
  5. I'm waiting for the dk. red and met. purple. Will definitely keep the red, not sure of the purple. Not sure it will go with my clothes. I love the navy too, just can't have all 3!
  6. I'm still hoping to find a black 227 reissue in matte leather... if possible! seems like the chanel boutiques won't be carrying any matte leather reissues... does anyone know where they will have it (Saks, NM...etc)? thanks!
  7. I do like both colors, but I think I would be able to get more use out of dark silver, that just because I think the red with GH isn't really me. But for dark silver I wouldn't go larger than 226, vesus dark red I wouldn't mind in a size 227.
  8. I am currently on the waitlists for silver (226), metallic purple (226) and dark red (227). Since my store is only getting 2 purple in (and I am #2) on the waitlist, I have been told that I may not get it because 1 of them will be used as display. I also prefer dark red in 226 than 227 because I am quite petite in size (5'3" and size 2). Anyway, I think my heart will settle with silver and dark red (hope to get a 226), which are the ME color... :p
  9. I have the metallic purple 227

    Am on the waitlist for Navy metallic and Dark Red.:love:
  10. I am going to try the Dark Red....it looks beautiful!
  11. I would love to get size 226 in both colour, but I can find only either 224 or 227 .. I'm 5'3, size 0-2.. Hope that 227 is not too big for me:p
  12. I also have the metallic purple 227, and I'm still waitlisted for the navy and metallic black.
  13. waiting on the purple. I am waitlistd for the 227 & 226 with hopes for the 227
  14. Woo Hoo!:yahoo: Did I miss your post? When did you get yours? Did you post pics?
  15. i am awaiting delivery of the navy :love: & green :s from paris & i have first option on the dark red & dark silver