POLL: Which color combo is best?


In your opinion, which is the best combo of colors?

  1. Violet, Magenta, Anthracite, Rouge Vif

  2. Violet, Magenta, Anthracite, Sandstone

  3. Violet, Magenta, Rouge Vif, Sandstone

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. just when i thought i had my bbag family down pat...please help me choose the perfect combo, and give me your honest opinion. :tup:

  2. Second combo gets my vote.
  3. i voted for the first combo but i can actually see how the second would be better. I love rouge vif, but with violet and magenta, it might be better to throw in another neutral, and sandstone is such a beautiful one. and i'd definitely pic anthra over sandstone and rouge vif.
  4. I voted for the 2nd combo.
    Violet and Magenta are gorgeous FUN colors.
    Anthra is a basic MUST.
    And Sandstone makes a great neutral!
    Perfect Family combo IMO. :smile:
  5. i also voted for group #2. as much as i love RV, i think the Magenta covers the base for a bright colored b-bag in your family. and the sandstone, even tho it's not my personal fav, is a great neutral. anthra is a great sub for black and the violet is nice too.

    personally, i would have gone:
    rouge vif

    was that an option? i just love the leather on the RV's over the violets...
  6. I don't like pinks but magenta is in all the options, so I went with the other choices. I like darker and vibrant colors so I voted for the anthra and rouge vif.
  7. i voted for the 2nd one...a little bit of everything!
  8. I like the second combo.
  9. I voted for the second combo also. Anthracite and Sandstone win over RVif.
  10. I voted for the second combo because in my opinion you need to balance the flashy colors with at least one dark and one light neutrals. This works obviously if you only usually use Bbags, but if you happen to own some other bags that you usually use as neutrals, you won't need the two neutrals in the Bbags collection. I just think that you do need one dark and one light neutral in your wardrobe.
    One last thing, would you consider exchanging the magenta with the rouge vif? Rouge vif is much more versatile, and you already have a purple/pink family bag with the Violet.
  11. thank you everyone, i truly appreciate your feedback! keep it coming. :tup:

    trama - i did consider it, but magenta is one of my loves...the color, the leather.:heart:
  12. I voted for #2... the violet is a great fun color without being "wow" in the way out sense KWIM? and if you really want a "WOW" then magenta is the one! then the anthra is great alternative to the black bag staple... and sandstone is a great all year neutral... this is my perfect combo also... I already have two of the colors and on the lookout for the anthra and magenta!
  13. I have to go with the first combo because I love bright colours in Balenciaga :smile:
  14. Second combo! It's a nice blend of fun and practical colors.:tup:
  15. second combo!!! I think the colors compliment each other the best.