Poll: Which Chanel should I get??


Which Chanel??

  1. Long chain strap tassle bag

  2. Black patent turnlock bag

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  1. I'm into vintage chanel now and have my choices narrowed down to these two bags. Now which one?? These are both from eBay so please hands off...lol! :roflmfao:

    Sorry for the big pics! The first one contains more gray...not a true black if that helps.
  2. I really like the second one.

    The first is pretty, but just NMS.
  3. i really like the first one... it's very vintage-y looking. also, you cant find anything like this anymore in the boutiques while the second looks a lot like the current flap bags.
  4. i like the 2nd one
  5. I'm really loving the 2nd one as well. She's gorgeous! Don't forget to post pics when she arrives! :p
  6. 2nd one!
  7. 2.
  8. I like the 2nd one!
  9. second one!
  10. Thanks guys! Hopefully I'll get her! I'm going to be out of town this weekend but I'm going to be on eBay like white on rice! :roflmfao:

    I'll be sure to keep ya posted!
  11. good luck!
  12. I voted for the second one too.
  13. second one!!!
  14. I really like the second one!! :smile:
  15. I love the 2nd one. Good luck Alouette. =)